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If you are a fan of the Diablo franchise like we are, you were probably excited when Blizzard announced the next entry in their preeminent ARPG franchise, Diablo Immortal. However, the news that immediately followed, that it would be a mobile-exclusive title, made everyone stop and wonder what they were up to. On April 25th 2022, Blizzard announced the news we were hoping for: Diablo Immortal was coming to PC!

Release Information

Currently, it is set for international release on June 2nd for Android, iOS, and PC. For specific Asia Pacific markets, the game will launch on June 22nd. They have stated that the PC version is an open beta; however, it is still a complete game. They will be looking at tweaking things like UI and control schemes to make sure it is a fun and engaging experience on all platforms. If you want to get into the demon-slaying action, you can pre-register now for some in-game goodies.

Differences Between Versions

Blizzard has emphasized that Diablo Immortal is a mobile-first game. The entire experience was initially designed for mobile users. That means faster gameplay and shorter dungeons that can be cleared quickly since most mobile gamers tend to play in much shorter sittings.
Their goal is to offer the same experience on both PC and mobile. To achieve that goal, Blizzard included controller support for both platforms and WASD controls for PC players, which is a first for the Diablo series.
Most of the changes on the PC side have to do with HUD scaling and keybindings. HUDs in mobile games tend to take up a significant amount of screen real estate to counteract the smaller font sizes, and keybindings aren’t available on mobile.


Two of the core gameplay features of Diablo Immortal are cross-play and cross-progression. Cross-play is the ability to play with other people across platforms (In this case, players on both PC and mobile can play together). Cross-progression is being able to play on all platforms and keep the same progression. Now, when your buddies jump on to farm for that awesome Grandfather sword right when you’re about to head out to the bus, you can just fire it up on your phone and join them!

System Requirements

The system requirements for Diablo Immortal are relatively tame for PC. Most computers nowadays should be able to handle it, even with an outdated video card.

Diablo Immortal Windows system requirements


We’re really excited for Diablo Immortal! It sounds like a thrilling experiment, and I’ll be honest: I’ve been a huge fan of the Diablo franchise since it first came out. Check us out on Twitch, where we’ll live stream when it comes out!

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