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Every month, the industrious folks at DM Stash put out a campaign pack of 3d-printable miniatures that go along with the included Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign module. Their minis are amazingly detailed and designed to be used with the included campaign material. 

In this article, we will go over their May 2022 release, Fire and Fey. This release has a couple enormous (two Huge size!) models. It is an exciting mix of steampunk and nature, showcasing amazing detail and diversity between the two factions.

Campaign Summary

A Desperate Defense cover art

The Fire and Fey release campaign is called “A Desperate Defense” and is intended for a party between levels 10-13. It can be played as a standalone module or the next adventure after their April 2022 campaign, “A Divine Awakening.” 

Here is their description of it:

“The Tree of Brel Vardra has stood since the first men walked upon Tharador. Now its strength wanes as the industrialized armies of Alimroth have their sights set upon it, seeing it and the druids that protect it as a sign of witchcraft from a bygone time. Though lost to them is the knowledge that the trees’ death will see the death of all plant life in their land.”

The adventurers will be tasked with trying to find a way to defuse the tense siege between the two factions, or at the very least, to weaken the sieging army. Along the way, they will discover the rich history that led to the current predicament and see that motivations may not be what they first appear…

The Alimrothi Army - The "Fire"

I am really excited about these models. They bring a very steampunk vibe to the standard fantasy settings that we usually see with Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, but do it in such a way that they don’t look out of place next to dragons and wizards.

Gorty - Battle Ram

When I first saw Gorty the Battle Ram, I literally laughed aloud. Not only at the pun but also because I’ve never seen a sheep with a minigun before. While this sounds like a genuinely bonkers combo, it is an imposing model that fits well within the story’s narrative and will look perfectly at home on the battlefield. Gorty indeed looks like an epic mount that a war chief would ride into battle!

Kartol - War Chief
Kartol & Gorty Team

Speaking of war chiefs, Kartol will definitely inspire fear when encountered on the battlefield. A lot of attention was made to the armor and weapon of this model, giving them many fine details that showcase the incredible abilities of the artists. His armor evokes images of the early prototype Power Armor from the Fallout series. With his set stance and minigun, Kartol could easily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Duktuk - Dwarven Grenadier
Eyrik - Battle Engineer

Duktuk and Eyrik are both easily identifiable as dangerous (and even a little crazy!) soldiers and as master engineers. They merged science and arcane magic to augment themselves with automated shoulder turrets, grenades, and a mechanical third arm. They are formidable foes and intense leaders.

Jotun - Steampowered Mecha

The narrative of the Jotun Mech is that it is a highly modular, mechanized suit that can be easily modified to fit whatever role is needed, from agriculture to war. The model included in this bundle looks like it would be equally comfortable chopping and burning forests or enemies on the battlefield.

Aldith - Alimrothi Sniper

Last but certainly not least, we have Aldith. Her demeanor is the epitome of the confident marksman, easily able to hit her mark at any range. Within the story’s narrative, she is a bit of a celebrity and philanthropist, and the artists have managed to capture her confidence and charisma.

Druidic Defenders - The "Fey"

These are some of the most detailed, intricate models I have ever seen. The time spent modeling the individual feathers of Rolyn, the branches on Garamoud, and the bark-like fur of Barkette speaks volumes of the talent of the DM Stash artists and their love for the craft.

Aloxian - Warrior of the Groves

Aloxian is a striking figure, with his action pose, detailed sword, and bearskin cape. His tragic backstory created a fearsome warrior, which is clearly communicated in the model between his running posture, clawed bracers, and serious demeanor.

Barkette - Fey-touched Beast

Barkette is a fascinating model. They are a Large monstrosity, a variation of a Bulette that appears to be a form of tree or plant. It has a lot of fine detail and would make for a frightening encounter for anybody callous enough to destroy the forest it protects.

Cordelia - Druid of Spores

Cordelia is a Small humanoid, akin to a halfling. Her mushroom base is indicative of her training as a Spore Druid, and her satchel contains many herbs and concoctions, some healthy, some not so much.

Garamoud - Ent of the World Tree

Garamoud is the first of the Huge creatures included in this pack. The 32mm-scale model has a base around 3″ in diameter and stands an impressive aprroximate 5″ tall when fully assembled. We jokingly call him “The Christmas Tree” because he appears to be modeled after conifer trees. This is an awe-inspiring model, the level of detail is mind-boggling, and its size will definitely make any adventuring party hesitate.

Rolyn - Guardian Spirit of the World Tree

Rolyn is the second Huge creature in this pack. Its base is around 3″ in diameter and the tip of its wings are about 5″ off the table. He is a dangerous defender of the Eastern Tree and can be nearly indistinguishable from the said tree until it’s too late. For a person who enjoys painting models with complex geometry, Rolyn will undoubtedly keep them entertained for hours.

Zarbaeth - Archdruid of the Eastern Tree

Zarbaeth the Archdruid has tried to embody a life of balance and respect for nature. His wreath of feathers and uniquely shaped staff are a lovely aesthetic that helps differentiate this from other druid-style models. He would be equally suited to being a PC model, a powerful ally, or even a dangerous villain in your own campaign.


The Fire and Fey pack is an excellent showcase for the skills of the artists at DM Stash. It breathes some fresh air into a game system that is predominantly fantasy-themed. While the steampunk aesthetic of the Alimothi army may not mesh with some campaigns, they would fit perfectly into any Victorian-era, steampunk-themed adventure.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these minis for use in your own campaign, we have them available in our store. We even have a bundle that includes all of the models and the campaign materials, including maps, handouts, and detailed stat blocks and descriptions for each model.

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