Federation Charter

Mission Statement

We are a federated online community of gamers with a shared goal: To have fun and help others. We commit to fostering a long-term, helpful, caring community that supports each other and the various communities in which we participate.

Core Principles

  1. Community - Help build a better community for us, the games we play, and the world around us.
  2. Caring - Reach out to those in need, guide newbies, and foster a positive environment.
  3. Contribution - We are all here to be part of a larger whole. Sharing with the Federation, our fellows, and the larger community improves the world.


The Federation is an amalgam of self-governing Chapters, overseen by the Federation Leader and Council.
A "Chapter" typically equates to a Guild/Clan/Alliance in a video game. However, it may also refer to any other sub-group within the Dice Ninja Gaming Federation, such as local groups, VTT groups, community outreach, etc.
The internal structure varies from Chapter to Chapter. It is the discretion of the Chapter Leader and the members within to decide how to organize.


Federation Leader

Taegost is the Leader of the Federation. The Federation Leader is responsible for overseeing the organization's direction and health as a whole. As such, they may be unable to be involved in the day-to-day runnings of the individual Chapter. Constructive suggestions, concerns, and criticisms are always welcome. However, at the end of the day, the word of the Federation Leader is the law.

Federation Council

The Federation Council is made up primarily of the Federation Leader and Chapter Leaders. It may include other members who have shown a desire and aptitude to help shape the direction of the Federation. The Council members act as advisors to the Federation Leader and liaisons between their Chapter members and the Council.

Chapter Leader

The Chapter Leader (Also known as "Guild", "Clan", or "Alliance" Leader) is the primary person responsible for running their particular Chapter. This includes such things as recruiting, event planning, designing the internal structure of the Chapter, Federation Council duties, etc.

Chapter Council

The Chapter Council is a generic term for the leadership team within a Chapter. Its name may vary from Chapter to Chapter; however, its primary goal remains the same: To assist the Chapter Leader in providing leadership and direction of the Chapter. Its exact makeup, dynamics, and responsibilities are up to the discretion of the Chapter Leader.