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Duktuk, Dwarven Grenadier

Duktuk, Dwarven Grenadier

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Many mercenary companies sit within the Dwarven port-city of Varekan. Guns (and grenades) for hire to the highest bidder. Right now that happens to be Alimroth, with a supply of liquid gold in the form of the whale oil they sell to the dwarves. This sees them able to hire almost any mercenary force they want, and none are more menacing than the Khurak-tal Blitzers, the company of Duktuk.

Renowned for their artillery and explosive knowledge, the Blitzers are not cheap to hire but they can easily swing a war in the favour of whoevers side they fight on. Duktuk’s own speciality is scatter and scour tactics, instilling panic and fear into his enemies as he cleans them up with his shoulder mounted auto-canons which he himself custom designed and built. There are few in the Blitzers who are not themselves also engineers or mechanics and Duktuk is one of the most brilliant of them all, having also aided in the design of the Mark VI Jotun’s at the behest of Alimroth’s ruling elite. This in turn made them more customisable than prior designs and strengthened them with a stronger and longer lasting power core than previous models.

Although it is against the tradition and liking of the Alimrothi, Duktuk infuses much of his technology with Arcane powers, his grenades and even his bullets able to be imbued with effects of certain spells or elements. In the same way his suit design gives him super-human strength, despite the fact it bares no exo-skeleton or other physical enhancement abilities beyond the armour it offers.

This product was designed by Dungeon Master Stash and is part of their May 2022 pack, Fire and Fey. They are a group of very talented artists who create high-quality tabletop miniatures and campaign materials.

We are proud to be a DM Stash licensed merchant.

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Please allow 2-4 business days for us to make your order prior to shipping

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