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Hyl Hygrie, Hill Harpy

Hyl Hygrie, Hill Harpy

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Harpies are a common menace across all of Minera, many subspecies categorised by scholars and zoologists from Tharador who have observed how they adapt to their environments across the planet. In Brightstone though they have developed thicker skin to combat the cold, they have somehow misplaced the broodmother or queen aspect of their flocks.

Thus the harpies of Brightstone operate in a much more disorganized manner compared to their cousins, with the flocks attacking almost like moths drawn to flames, leaving their nests at feeding times and setting upon the first potential meal they see. Harpies are mostly known to have a modicum of intelligence, and many scholars argue for their sentience (or at least the Queens in most subspecies) however in Hill Harpies that intelligence is very arguable since they will continue an attack against a well armed group of travellers even at the cost of their entire flock.

These same harpies are shown to practise cannibalism in such an event, and other nearby harpies of different flocks will feast upon the flesh of their fallen kin. It is suspected that such harpies must have a rather quick and fertile breeding cycle compared to other subspecies as no other explanation could give rise to their steady population despite their self-destructive tendencies.

This product was designed by Dungeon Master Stash for their January 2023 release, Hex Hunters of Brightstone. They are a group of very talented artists who create high-quality tabletop miniatures and campaign materials.
We are proud to be a DM Stash licensed merchant.

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Please allow 2-4 business days for us to make your order prior to shipping

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