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Medusae are a monstrous race of creatures that appear superficially similar to a beautiful humanoid, however, up close their inhuman traits are revealed. Their skin tone is almost too grey with tough small scales no larger than a centimetre covering their body. Rather than having a head of hair, they have long serpents that hiss and bite in moments of tension, typically remaining dormant as if to keep up the facade. The last thing a creature typically sees before they are petrified in stone is the clear pupil-less eyes of a medusa that vary in tone, often taking on a slightly dimmed color to their original.

As deadly as they are ravishing, the serpent-haired medusa suffers a horrific curse brought on by its own vanity. They lurk in quiet exile among the tumbled ruins of their former lives, surrounded by the petrified remains of past admirers and would-be heroes. Though often enough the ambition that drove many of them into this state still burns and they use their curse to break, bend and dominate lesser creatures into submission as they endlessly seek to gain back what was promised to them.

This product was designed by Miguel Zavala (aka MZ4250). He is an extremely talented artist with a passion for tabletop gaming and 3d modeling

We are proud to be an MZ4250 licensed merchant.

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Please allow 2-4 business days for us to make your order prior to shipping

Size category (Medium, Large, Huge, etc.) is a scale using standard D&D rules. This means that minis will have a size commensurate with the diameter of their base, and that their base will typically conform to the following rules:

  • Small/Tiny - 1"/25mm diameter base or smaller (depends on the mini)
  • Medium - 1"/25mm diameter base
  • Large - 2"/50mm diameter base
  • Huge - 3"/75mm diameter base
  • Gargantuan - typically uses a 4"/100mm diameter base. If the base size is different, it will be noted above in the listing.

32mm (heroic scale) miniatures may have bases that are slightly larger but still close to the sizes listed above.

Product images may include renders, special effects, and/or painting that may not be indicative of the received product.Unless otherwise specified, all products are 3d-printed in gray with either a custom resin mix or PLA. This ensures the products are durable but still hold their detail. With that being said, we still recommend handling the products with care as many have very fine, delicate features that can still be easily broken.In addition, because of the production process, there may be slight variations, indentations, or rough edges that need to be cleaned up before use/painting. We perform a thorough inspection of every product before it's shipped to ensure that it is something that we would be proud to display on our own tables.