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Rospa Rogue

Rospa Rogue

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The rospa are perhaps the quietest of the avensari race. While they aren’t secretive like the corvi, they prefer to keep to themselves, observing and learning about those around them over interacting. Because of this, most see the rospa as simple individuals, when in reality they are deeply caring and have a strong desire to protect those around them and foster relationships built on strong teamwork. Rospa have short beaks and talons that are extremely sharp, and their feathers range from brown with dull grays and whites, to vibrant blues with hints of black.

Owing to their drive to help those around them, it is common to find rospa working for churches as either clerics or paladins; those that choose not to serve a holy order join either the local guard or the military. After leaving Lexel, the rospa moved to major cities across Sordane, seeking places where they could protect people.

This product was designed by Arcane Minis for their March 2023 release, Mighty Skies. They are a group of very talented artists who create unique tabletop miniatures and fantasy airships.
Unless otherwise noted, all Arcane Minis come with a flat, 3d-printed disc of the appropriate size to use as a base.
We are proud to be an Arcane Minis licensed merchant.

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Please allow 2-4 business days for us to make your order prior to shipping

Size category (Medium, Large, Huge, etc.) is a scale using standard D&D rules. This means that minis will have a size commensurate with the diameter of their base, and that their base will typically conform to the following rules:

  • Small/Tiny - 1"/25mm diameter base or smaller (depends on the mini)
  • Medium - 1"/25mm diameter base
  • Large - 2"/50mm diameter base
  • Huge - 3"/75mm diameter base
  • Gargantuan - typically uses a 4"/100mm diameter base. If the base size is different, it will be noted above in the listing.

32mm (heroic scale) miniatures may have bases that are slightly larger but still close to the sizes listed above.

Product images may include renders, special effects, and/or painting that may not be indicative of the received product.Unless otherwise specified, all products are 3d-printed in gray with either a custom resin mix or PLA. This ensures the products are durable but still hold their detail. With that being said, we still recommend handling the products with care as many have very fine, delicate features that can still be easily broken.In addition, because of the production process, there may be slight variations, indentations, or rough edges that need to be cleaned up before use/painting. We perform a thorough inspection of every product before it's shipped to ensure that it is something that we would be proud to display on our own tables.