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Void Shatterhorn

Void Shatterhorn

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Shatterhorns are detested beings born within the void, filled with malice and a hunger for Sordane’s magic. Little is truly known about these voidlings; some scholars have theorized that they were originally demons trapped within the void when Sordane was first split off from the rest of creation, while others believe based on their humanoid appearance that they were born from the first people foolish enough to breach the barrier. Whatever creatures they originally were, the shatterhorns' form has been twisted by the void, turning their skin to a dull, stone-like gray, with brilliant purple veins running through it. The shatterhorns gained their name owing to the deadly needle-like horns growing from their head and chest, which they will shatter at the root to use as weapons.

Since shatterhorns are creatures of the void, there is little research on them available, especially because their bodies disintegrate once slain, leaving behind only their horns. What information is available is that these voidlings are extremely aggressive and can manipulate the gravity around themselves, allowing them to fly. Lone shatterhorns have been known to attack fully armed airships—aggressive to the point of being suicidal. When a group of shatterhorns is gathered there are reports of them bringing down ships as large as cruisers. To prevent the potential damage that these creatures can cause, many institutions such as Ezdin’s Guild of the Heart have tasked adventurers and monster hunters with capturing these voidlings so that they can study them.

As long as a shatterhorn has a steady source of food, it can endlessly regenerate its dagger-like horns, which it breaks off to impale its prey with. To the uneducated it would appear like the shatterhorn was just using these as simple weapons, but these horns are still connected to the creature and can drain a victim’s life force. In addition to this, the shatterhorn can exert its natural control of gravity over a target impaled with its horn, allowing it to drastically slow a creature, making it easier to capture and kill.

This product was designed by Arcane Minis for their February 2023 release, Echoes of Madness. They are a group of very talented artists who create unique tabletop miniatures and fantasy airships.
Unless otherwise noted, all Arcane Minis come with a flat, 3d-printed disc of the appropriate size to use as a base.
We are proud to be an Arcane Minis licensed merchant.

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Please allow 2-4 business days for us to make your order prior to shipping

Size category (Medium, Large, Huge, etc.) is a scale using standard D&D rules. This means that minis will have a size commensurate with the diameter of their base, and that their base will typically conform to the following rules:

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  • Medium - 1"/25mm diameter base
  • Large - 2"/50mm diameter base
  • Huge - 3"/75mm diameter base
  • Gargantuan - typically uses a 4"/100mm diameter base. If the base size is different, it will be noted above in the listing.

32mm (heroic scale) miniatures may have bases that are slightly larger but still close to the sizes listed above.

Product images may include renders, special effects, and/or painting that may not be indicative of the received product.Unless otherwise specified, all products are 3d-printed in gray with either a custom resin mix or PLA. This ensures the products are durable but still hold their detail. With that being said, we still recommend handling the products with care as many have very fine, delicate features that can still be easily broken.In addition, because of the production process, there may be slight variations, indentations, or rough edges that need to be cleaned up before use/painting. We perform a thorough inspection of every product before it's shipped to ensure that it is something that we would be proud to display on our own tables.