Vehrin, Petrified Succubus

In the Age of Creation Vehryn was a Succubus sent by Mindoriel to the leaders of the Goliath Kingdoms to corrupt their hearts and send their kingdoms awry. Many generals, advisors and other leaders succumbed to her, having their will bent and twisted. Those that resisted her would instead meet the fate of death, for their use was little compared to those so easily turned. These turned leaders would crumble the pillars of strength that upheld the Goliath Culture and War.

This did not halt nor was even noted by Goliaths until Vehryn’s reign ended. When she attempted to corrupt a powerful Goliath Breathwielder who would later be one of those to turn the tide of the war on the front lines. The Breathwielder saw her putrid form beneath the fair visage she created, and before a word could be uttered from her mouth he unveiled her true from and turned her to stone. In his study he kept her, aiming to learn from her or harness her, though when he was killed in battle and did not return, her purpose was lost and she was thought instead to be a statue of fertility or lust by those who cleared the estate.

Through generations of Goliaths she passed until Goliath kingdoms crumbled, snatched up by a dogooder prince and passed through his generations of families until the line ended. Again she passed into the possession of a wealthy merchant and his family, though quickly was discarded after only a generation when she was sold to a Duke to pay off the merchant’s debts. Ever was Vehryn watchful, and she took note that the Duke appeared to be the descendant of Almenhier, a spawn of Myrothlir from millennia past.

When Glanion was eclipsed by Glanbeli, Vehryn’s movement returned to her. With the Sun’s sight marred by the moon, Mindoriel was able to restore her movement beyond Glanion’s vigilance. Several other creatures and demons like her came to life within the castle, and in its catacombs. Uniting them under a cause to eliminate the rogue vampire lords, seeing her own vengeance on her latest owner and a town for her to live in peacefully with the vampires gone.


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Vehrin, Petrified Succubus


This product was designed by Dungeon Master Stash and is part of their February 2022 pack, Blood From Stone. They are a group of very talented artists who create high-quality tabletop miniatures and campaign materials. We are proud to be a DM Stash licensed merchant.

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