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Welcome to the wolf pack!

Wolves cuddling

Wolves howl to communicate over long distances.  Location, warnings about predators, or even just to join a chorus and bond with other wolves in the vicinity.  Contrary to conventional wisdom, a wolf pack isn’t a rigid structure with a defined hierarchy, but rather a fluid, adaptable family.  Roles can and will change, but they are all brought together for a common goal: survival.

Our mission is to make financial independence available to everyone.  From the teenager flipping burgers at their local fast food joint, to the Fortune 5 CEOs planning corporate strategy, we aim to provide content that will help everyone achieve the dream, so you don’t have to worry about surviving, you can thrive.

Who Am I?

Mike full picture

Hi!  My name is Mike, and I’m a recovering wage-slave.  Most of my career was spent in IT, working late nights, 50+ hours a week, for a salary that kept me fed and housed, but boy did I cringe every time I did the math on how much I really made per hour of work.  This was not the life I wanted.

At the end of each week, I had the joy of listening to somebody who had an extra decimal point (or two!) in their paycheck tell all of us how great we were, how they couldn’t make it work without us, and we were making record-breaking billions in profits during a global pandemic.  Oh, also, you work in IT and putting in more than 40 hours isn’t just expected, it’s required.  If you don’t like it, you can find another job.  Oh yeah, and that annual raise and bonus you’re accustomed to every year?  Yeah, can’t do that this year, sorry.  No room in the budget.

After a record breaking year.


Surely, you must have plenty in savings, right?

coins in glass

My whole life, I was surrounded by “grown ups” who all gave me the same advice:

  • Put your money in a savings account!
  • Invest in a 401k!
  • You should own stocks!
  • CDs at the bank are GREAT!
  • Get married and have 2.5 kids!
  • White picket fence!
  • I worked one job and bought a house, a new car, and put my 2 kids and dog through college!
So..  Sure, I had money in savings.  It was enough to make sure if I lost my job I could pay my bills until I got something new.  I looked at the statement, and I got a whopping $3.03 interest for the entire year.  YEAH!  Well, ok, surely I must be doing something wrong.  

Clearly you weren't listening! CDs are the way to go!

Smashed CDs

 Let me look at these CD things people kept telling me about (before the shiny ones that play music were a thing).  I have a credit union, so I must get a better rate, right?  Let’s see…  Best they can do is…  0.2%!  With a 60 month CD!  WOOOHOOO!  I’m rich!  That’s a whole… 

$10.04 in interest on a $1,000 investment. 

Over the course of 5 years, that’s slightly more than 1% ROI.

But... An entire generation can't be wrong, can it?

Girl outside server room

Well, no…  But at the same time, yes.  Times are different now.  The path to financial independence has changed.  Technology has advanced to the point where collaboration can happen in real time across thousands of miles and dozens of time zones.  Emerging technologies have taken the tools of the elite few and spread them out amongst the everyday person.  People are able to compare with others and see that despite what Mr. Jim at the Big Bank o’Money has been telling them since they were a kid, they actually aren’t getting the best returns.  Companies like Robinhood and Webull  are making it cheaper and easier than ever for the everyday person to invest in stocks.

Even better…  An IT-savvy person looking at the slow, manual processing of wire transfers says “Wait, there’s no reason for this!  We have the Internet!  We can just, make something better!”.  Now, we have hundreds of options of financial institutions, all fighting for the same customers.  Fees go down, yields go up, and now, the every day person can get into exclusive stock IPOs that only the super-rich could get into.  

Cryptocurrency destroys conventional wisdom about the way money changes hands.  With a couple swipes of a finger, we can pay for goods in China to be delivered within 2 weeks, pay for some gig work from an entrepreneur in Brussels for a website that’s being hosted in Brazil, and order that super-deluxe mocha latte from the café we’re standing in front of so we can skip the line.  All using digital currency, like Bitcoin.

So... What's next?

Crystal ball at sunset

Next, we take a single step.  That’s all.  Then another one after that, and another after that.  Financial independence isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.  It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but you’re part of a pack now.  We will take this journey together, so that one day, everybody can work the job they want, not the one they must.
A great place to start will be with our Cryptocurrency For Beginners guide!

What do you think are some other good ways to start the journey?  Let’s continue this discussion in the comments below, together!

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