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We are always looking for people who enjoy being part of a helpful, friendly community who also understand that life happens outside of the game.

Visit our Discord server to see what communities we have a presence in. Don’t see a Chapter in your favorite game or topic? Talk to a Federation Council member to get one started!

What We Do

In addition to our selection of amazing tabletop miniatures, we also offer custom services and a wonderful, growing community of gamers and enthusiasts!

Custom Painting

We have an in-house artist who uses professional-quality paint to create stunning works of art. Whether we print and paint it for you, or you send it to us, we can paint it!

Custom 3d-Printing

There are thousands of amazing designs already out in the world. If you find (or create!) something you want to have professionally printed, we can help you out!

Hang Out on Discord

We love interacting with our community! If you want to chat, join us in-game, or just meet other like-minded people, everyone is welcome to join our public server!

Twitch Streaming

Whether we're saving the galaxy, surviving on desolate planets, streaming our latest tabletop sessions, or painting minis, we like to stream and interact with our community.

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